Hopkins and Megan Quick

I just got word from Megan Quick, one of our special friends and Operation Smile mission recovery nurses, who is appearing in the new series for ABC that was shot at Hopkins. She is one of the reasons that our show in Venezuela has done so well. When Russell and I were in Ethiopia last November for Operation Smile, Megan was there working her magic at the Jimma location.

Hi Will, How are you? i wanted to let you know about a documentary that I will be in on ABC, looking at the physicians and nurses lives at Hopkins. You already know so much about an important part of my life (OpSmile), but this looks to be a good series. Just for the record (and don’t tell the ABC folk) you guys were a lot more fun to film with, partly because you let me play with the equipment. Here is the link… Note I am the non-doctor. http://hopkins.abcnews.com/dr_profiles It’s thursdays this fall and I probably won’t be on til later in the series, but it should be a good show,  none-the-less.  Hope all is well. Megan